How To Photograph The Northern Lights

How-To Photograph the Northern Lights

Released: November 17 2016
How to Photograph the Northern Lights covers what lenses you'll need, exposure times, and ISO settings for how to best photograph the aurora borealis. It also covers how to focus at infinity and how to great night photography compositions. Please let us know what other How-To videos you'd like to see in the 'Comments' below.
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EXPOSED Ep. 5: Killing Grizzlies - The Truth Behind the B.C. Trophy Hunt

Episode 5

Released: May 26 2016
John returns for an in-depth second look to expose the truths behind the trophy grizzly bear hunt in British Columbia, Canada. Why is there still a hunt? Is it the sport, the public demand, the politics, the science, or the economics? John delves into the issue with some hard-hitting facts that will make you want to get involved in the fight against the grizzly bear hunt by visiting http://www.exposedwithjohnemarriott.com/take-action/
Tags: Grizzly BearsHuntingTrophy HuntingKillingJohn E. MarriottBritish ColumbiaCanadaNatureWildlifeEconomicsPoliticsSciencePhotographyDocumentaryEpisodes

EXPOSED Ep. 4: Searching for Caribou in the Arctic Barren Lands

Episode 4

Released: March 22 2016
Discover the rugged wilderness in the Canadian Arctic with John as he leads a small group 'north of 60' on the treeless tundra in search of barren-ground caribou and shimmering northern lights. You'll journey along with John deep into the heart of the Arctic hundreds of kilometres from civilization and see firsthand why the barren lands lure only the hardiest adventurers!
Tags: Wildlife PhotographyCanadian ArcticArctic ExplorationCanadaNunavutArctic CaribouBarren-Ground CaribouCaribouNorthern LightsAurora BorealisCanadian NorthNorth of 60Episodes

EXPOSED Ep. 3: Canada's War on Wolves - The Alberta Wolf Cull

Episode 3

Released: February 25 2016
For eleven years the Alberta government has murdered thousands of wolves in the Little Smoky region east of Grande Cache by every means possible, all in the name of conserving caribou. Join John as he visits the Little Smoky and uncovers the grisly truths behind Alberta's wolf cull and suggests what really needs to be done to save the woodland caribou in Alberta and beyond. If you'd like to get involved and take action against the wolf cull and in favour of caribou habitat protection in Alberta and British Columbia, visit exposedwithjohnemarriott.com/takeaction.
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