EXPOSED: Extras | Rare Black-footed Ferret Video

Extra | Rare Black-footed Ferret Footage

Released: May 04 2016
In June 2010, John became the first photographer to capture daylight images and footage of the recently reintroduced black-footed ferret in Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan. Ferrets had been extirpated from Canada for almost 80 years before their reintroduction. Check out the footage and let us know what you think!
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EXPOSED: Extras | Arctic Showdown between a Snowy Owl and an Arctic Fox

Extra | Arctic Showdown

Released: April 13 2016
Watch an arctic fox and snowy owl square off over a meal on the frozen tundra in the Canadian arctic. Like our new EXPOSED Extras? Want to see more? Please let us know by clicking like, sharing, and commenting below with your thoughts! And don't forget to Subscribe to see more content like this.
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EXPOSED Ep. 3: Canada's War on Wolves - The Alberta Wolf Cull

Episode 3

Released: February 25 2016
For eleven years the Alberta government has murdered thousands of wolves in the Little Smoky region east of Grande Cache by every means possible, all in the name of conserving caribou. Join John as he visits the Little Smoky and uncovers the grisly truths behind Alberta's wolf cull and suggests what really needs to be done to save the woodland caribou in Alberta and beyond. If you'd like to get involved and take action against the wolf cull and in favour of caribou habitat protection in Alberta and British Columbia, visit exposedwithjohnemarriott.com/takeaction.
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