EXPOSED Ep. 5: Killing Grizzlies - The Truth Behind the B.C. Trophy Hunt

Episode 5

Released: May 26 2016
John returns for an in-depth second look to expose the truths behind the trophy grizzly bear hunt in British Columbia, Canada. Why is there still a hunt? Is it the sport, the public demand, the politics, the science, or the economics? John delves into the issue with some hard-hitting facts that will make you want to get involved in the fight against the grizzly bear hunt by visiting http://www.exposedwithjohnemarriott.com/take-action/
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EXPOSED: Extras | Arctic Showdown between a Snowy Owl and an Arctic Fox

Extra | Arctic Showdown

Released: April 13 2016
Watch an arctic fox and snowy owl square off over a meal on the frozen tundra in the Canadian arctic. Like our new EXPOSED Extras? Want to see more? Please let us know by clicking like, sharing, and commenting below with your thoughts! And don't forget to Subscribe to see more content like this.
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